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Through conceptual presentation, demonstration and extensive hands­-on labs and exercises, this 4-day instructor-­led course guides developers, architects and DBA's on storing and accessing data rapidly and at web scale, in diverse document-database use cases based on JSON, using Couchbase Server, N1QL, and related technologies. All labs rely on queries in N1QL for Query, N1QL for Analytics or FTS Queries without dependency on any particular application programming language. The course is aimed at developers, architects, analysts, SQL and Oracle Developers, DBAs, data warehouse and business intelligence admins and analysts, and DevOps professionals. The hands-on labs (usually 60% of class time) get you real-world "flight-time" modeling NoSQL data using best practices for JSON and key/value, creating and exploiting secondary indexes, performing complex aggregations using N1QL, and becoming capable with N1QL as a basis for developing powerful, scalable, and reliable applications using NoSQL data, in any programming language.  Read More

The following 8 courses provide a fundamental understanding of the Couchbase NoSQL database and essential functionality. Throughout these courses, we share the basics of SQL vs. NoSQL, obtaining and downloading Couchbase, modeling data to the benefit of Couchbase and an example application you will build. Learners will also walk through the basics of Couchbase's N1QL query, the Java SDK 3.0, as well as future considerations for building an application using Couchbase.   Read More

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