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In this course, you will learn how technological evolution is driving critical data management workloads beyond the capabilities of traditional relational database management systems. High volume systems of engagement require a scale and flexibility which traditional data management approaches do not provide. No specific prior knowledge is needed to take full advantage of this course. Just a desire to learn. Read More

This course efficiently delivers a high level overview of the Couchbase technology stack. After completing this course, you will be able to describe the Couchbase services, architecture, storage model, read path, write path, security, API model, tools, integrations, partnerships, approach to high availability, disaster recovery, and more. No specific prior knowledge is required for this course. It will be most helpful to architects, administrators, and developers seeking a thorough introductory overview to Couchbase technology. Read More

This short course delivers a high level overview of the key challenge to mobile data management - offline use - and the way Couchbase conquers this challenge and related challenges, for critical Mobile and IoT use cases. No specific prior knowledge is needed for this course. It will be most useful to architects and managers looking to fully extend the reach of their applications beyond the traditional mobile network. Read More

In this course, you will learn best practices and anti-patterns for modeling data in JSON documents. A set of key factors to consider when designing documents and document keys will be presented, to guide choices you will make relating to entities, relationships, and cardinality. This course assumes prior understanding of Javascript Objection Notation (JSON). It is best suited to architects, developers, and database administrators, who will be planning data models for both new projects and data migrations. Read More

This course teaches how to index, select, filter, aggregate, and calculate JSON data fields, and how to insert, update upsert, join, and delete JSON documents, within a Couchbase data bucket. Prior experience with Structured Query Language (SQL) is assumed for people taking this course. It will be most useful to developers and data analysts who will model JSON documents and design queries for accessing data from these documents. Read More

This course compares Couchbase Enterprise NoSQL technology and the MSSQL RDBMS in context of their relative capabilities to engage with fast increasing data flows, and to support the agile, aggregation oriented demands of modern enterprise development. Learners will acquire a solid understanding of the fundamental architecture and data access methods in Couchbase, particularly N1QL ("SQL for JSON"). This course is designed for database architects, administrators, and developers who understand SQL, and a bit about JSON, and who want to learn how to conceptually map their experience with RDBMS to the clustered, document focused NoSQL architecture of Couchbase. Read More

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