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Through conceptual presentation, demonstration and hands­-on labs and exercises, this 3-day instructor-­led course guides Android developers on storing and accessing data rapidly and at web scale, in diverse document-database use cases based on JSON, using Couchbase CBLite, Sync Gateway and Couchbase Server. All labs rely on the Android Java SDK to store data, perform queries. The course is aimed at mobile developers and architects. This course will introduce fundamental syntax and techniques needed for software development using Java for Android devices. Students will acquire basic skills to store key-value data, issue SQL-like queries, secure their data, and synchronize data between mobile devices and their Data Center. We will use these skills to modify a mobile application written in Android Java. The hands-on labs (usually 60% of class time) get you real-world "flight-time" connecting to the CBLite embedded database, synchronize data using Sync Gateway and process data from Couchbase Server. Read More

This free tutorial training, comprised of 19 video tutorials with related hands-on labs, efficiently teaches learners the fundamentals of how to implement an Android application relying on the features of Couchbase Mobile. Read More

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