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This exam tests learners on their fundamental understanding of the Couchbase Mobile services as accessed through the fully-managed DBaaS, Capella. Before August 1, 2023, this was a proctored exam. You may now take this exam WITHOUT A PROCTOR, one attempt per purchase, at your leisure and on your honor, at any time. Earners demonstrated how to complete operations to the benefit of the database and application, as well as how to write and implement SQL++/N1QL queries. Additionally, earners demonstrated their ability to create, manage, and edit code relevant to the creation of an Android Mobile application. This 40 question exam must be passed with 80% correct answers in order to earn the Couchbase Associate Android Developer Certification.   To prepare for this exam, review this Exam Study Guide.  Read more

This course showcases and demonstrates how to create a new Android application using Couchbase Mobile and Couchbase Capella, our fully managed DBaaS service. The following 7 modules provide fundamental instruction on building an Android application with or without a pre-existing database. To that end, we walk through the essential functionality of Couchbase Capella, the benefits of a fully managed NoSQL database, and how that database interacts with Couchbase Mobile products to enable high-quality Android applications. Read more

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