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Welcome the Couchbase Academy instructor-led and eLearning training options! Check out our new Couchbase Certification Exams for 2023, now without a proctor requirement.

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This exam tests skills necessary for the attainment of the Couchbase Associate .NET Developer Certification With Capella. Before August 1, 2023, this was a proctored exam. You may now take this exam WITHOUT A PROCTOR, one attempt per purchase, at your leisure and on your honor, at any time.   Successful completion of the Couchbase Associate .NET Developer exam shows test-takers have a fundamental understanding of the Couchbase NoSQL database and essential functionality of the Couchbase Capella UI. They will demonstrate knowledge of modeling data to the benefit of the database and application, as well as how to write and implement N1QL queries. Additionally, test-takers will demonstrate their knowledge of creating, managing, and editing code relevant to the creation of data-backed .NET/C# applications using the Couchbase database, Couchbase Capella, and the Couchbase .NET 3.x SDK. Test-takers who pass the exam will receive a badge attesting to the attainment of their certification.  You can use this link to download the Exam Study Guide. Read more

This course leverages the full power of Couchbase Capella, our cloud offering that allows Developers access to a Couchbase database through our DBaaS service and Couchbase 7. The following 8 courses provide a fundamental understanding of the Couchbase NoSQL database and essential functionality. Throughout these courses, we share the basics of SQL vs. NoSQL, obtaining and using the Couchbase Capella UI, modeling data to the benefit of Couchbase and an example application you will build. Learners will also walk through the basics of Couchbase's N1QL query, the Couchbase .NET SDK 3.0, as well as future considerations for building an application using Couchbase. Read more

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