CB116o - Introduction to Couchbase for Oracle Experts

13 modules


Course Length
3 hours

Grace Ormerod

02 Apr 2019



This free tutorial training, comprised of numerous video tutorials, demonstrations, and hands on lab exercises, compares Couchbase Enterprise NoSQL technology and the Oracle RDBMS in context of their relative capabilities to engage with fast increasing data flows, and to support the agile, aggregation oriented demands of modern enterprise development. Learners will acquire a solid understanding of the fundamental architecture and data access methods in Couchbase, particularly N1QL ("SQL for JSON").

This course is designed for database architects, administrators, and developers who understand SQL, and a bit about JSON, and who want to learn how to conceptually map their experience with RDBMS to the clustered, document focused NoSQL architecture of Couchbase.


  • Install a local instance of Couchbase Server and deploy sample data
  • Describe the fundamental features of Couchbase Server architecture
  • Navigate and describe main features of the Couchbase UI
  • Create and load buckets using UI or command line tools
  • Compare relational tables to documents and keyspaces as storage approaches
  • Use Couchbase Query Workbench to build and execute N1QL queries
  • Define, create, and drop primary and secondary indexes
  • Create, read, update, upsert, and delete JSON documents using N1QL
  • Select, filter, aggregate, calculate, and join JSON document fields using N1QL
  • Describe the High Availability and Disaster Recovery features of Couchbase 5.5


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate OLT Proof of Participation

CB116o Introducing the course
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CB116o Lab Assets
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Workloads compared
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Architectures compared
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Data access compared
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RDBMS tables and JSON documents compared
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SQL and N1QL querying compared
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Types and atomicity compared
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Couchbase and Oracle indexing compared
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Couchbase and Oracle aggregation, filtering, and joins compared
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Couchbase functions and query expressions
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High availability and disaster recovery
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Completion Exam
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